treat yo self


It is never too late to treat yourself!! Especially after Valetine’s Day! The hype of Valentine’s is finally over…so what is better than buying a few goodies for yourself 🙂

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peace, love, and goodies 🙂




I’m backkkkkk…..

It’s good to be back!!! This was a fun and crazy summer, but I am glad to be blogging again! These are just a few items that I am currently craving…


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peace, love, and goodbye summer break 😦


XO, Haley


Steady as she Rose

This color is perfect!! It goes with EVERYTHING! I don’t know about y’all but… everything seems better when your nails are painted 🙂

What is your favorite color right now??

steady as she rose

OPI- Steady as she Rose

peace, love, and fingernail polish


A Guide to the Perfect Valentine’s Date!!


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Valentine’s Day is fast approaching! Don’t put it off any longer–it’s time to start thinking about how to celebrate with your significant other.

Keep it Simple


What to do?

Sometimes less is better with the ladies. Play chef and treat her to a delicious dinner at home. Make sure it’s as classy and tasty as it would be if you were out at a restaurant–include a full menu with apps, main course, and dessert, and don’t forget the champagne!

What to wear?

The nice thing about dining in is that you don’t have to completely go all out with your apparel. But remember, it is Valentine’s Day, and your lady loves to dress up. Wear something casual, but dressy enough to impress her. Try a nice pair of dark denim pants, a classy dress shirt and a blazer.

Get Fancy


What to do?

Pick her up and take her to do something romantic, like taking in an art museum or ice-skating. Ideally, something where you can hold her hand. Afterward, treat her to that high-end restaurant where she’s always wanted to go (one that requires a bit of dressing up). Check to see if any dining options nearby made this list of top romantic restaurants. 

What to wear?

Dress to impress. Time to dust off your favorite suit or purchase a new one if need be. Wear bold and bright colors that she’s not used to seeing you in. Add a vest underneath (if the weather calls for it, otherwise you’ll get too warm) for a dressier touch. Also, think pink for Valentine’s Day – because as we all know, real men wear pink.

Be Adventurous


What to do?

Give your date an experience she’ll never forget. Nothing brings a couple together quite like the adrenaline rush and/or abject terror of skydiving, for example. (And if you’re confronting your crippling fear of heights, you’ll obviously want to do it with someone who’s important to you.) Not feeling quite up to skydiving, but still looking for some adventure? Try zip lining. It’s adventurous with romantic views, but also involves a bit more strapping in and security.

What to wear?

You’re going to have to dress for comfort here, and if you’re surprising your wife make sure you give her the heads up. Dress according to weather – jeans and a sweater or sweatshirt will be fine in colder climates, while shorts and a tee will be just fine in warmer. This is about as casual as it may get on Valentine’s Day. So hold on tight to your loved one and enjoy!

When making your plans, always set a budget and keep weather in mind. And don’t forget, she’ll be expecting a gift, whether it’s a box of chocolates and flowers or that new pair of earrings she’s been itching for.

I would of course pick the ADVENTUROUS date!!!

(Actually in reality…I would be happy with any of them 🙂 I think most people would agree!!)

What would you pick??

peace, love, and don’t forget to buy flowers


Happy Valentine’s!!

Happy Valentine’s Day! I hope that you all have a wonderful day!

Here are some last-minute gift ideas!!!

For Her: This includes wives, girlfriends, or best friends

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For him: This includes husbands, boyfriends, or best friends





peace, love, and some more love


Yes to Love, Always

Yes, to the LOVE tee. I think this t-shirt is adorable!

You can never go wrong pairing a vintage tee, with a pair of dark skinny jeans!




The White Foot Trend is in!

The shoe on the left is a Save…the show on the right is a Splurge!



When you want to spice things up…add a little heat wave!


peace, love, and say yes to love


Color of the Year 2014

I can’t believe that I have not yet blogged about the COLOR OF THE YEAR!!!!! drum roll please……



I am not sure what is a better than mixing purple with pink undertones! I absolutely LOVE IT! This color is definitely an attention-getter!

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peace, love, and radiant orchid