Happy Birthday my sweet Amy!!


Happy Birthday to my sweet sweet sister, my best friend, my confidante, the keeper of my secrets, the sharer of my life, and the one most likely to keep me humble. You are an amazing, selfless, kind, honest, sweet, funny, forgiving, and the most loving person that I know! I love that we can truly talk for hours. I love that your faith in me has lifted me up more than you will ever know! When I have doubted myself, your truth and sarcasm have picked me off the floor and told me everything will be okay when I thought I did not have the strength. I love that we will stay up all night just to talk to each other and laugh. I love that we are so different and yet exactly the same. I love that we share our tears, fears, and our joys and successes together. We are each other’s biggest cheerleaders! You warm my heart, you make me smile, and you melted my heart the day you made me an Aunt to the most beautiful little girls.  God has tremendously blessed me with you as my sister. I truly think that I have the BEST sister in the world! I love you so much Amy! Cheers to 32!! I hope that you have the most wonderful Birthday!!!

peace, love, and cheers to Amy!!



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