Color of the Year 2014

I can’t believe that I have not yet blogged about the COLOR OF THE YEAR!!!!! drum roll please……



I am not sure what is a better than mixing purple with pink undertones! I absolutely LOVE IT! This color is definitely an attention-getter!

6d862c3696dadde4caeac70930187327 7a86d38145e142bd8287d7dae0d89c8e 33ef6300339bc3608d7bab4e0dcaa378 522e4295e72bff275b98ccf14844af0c 3705fdecaefa3204942817546f953fbb 38996ababfb10d4011fd74391acf270d 67925e1e17e5debdfb3d61c8c65d498b 594805e6365dc54d96fae734bfbbdf78 98892159174a54ebf5ceed345c4db0e9 a14691209f03a0cb32113942ca4cedba b75c8ceb1f538cd9c10daa57b6cdb229

peace, love, and radiant orchid



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