BIG dreams


When I saw this on pinterest…it literally spoke to my heart.  I kept reading this over and over and thought to myself  “THIS IS SO TRUE”!!!!

I LOVE to dream and I love to have BIG dreams.

I admit that sometimes, I get caught up in the dreams that “I” have for myself.

Then I will stop to realize that God is asking me a question…

Haley… Am I enough for you?

This is when I start to wonder how do my “dreams” coincide with God’s plan for my life?

God does not promise us a spouse, children, financial stability, or the white picket fence that I want.


He does promise that if we believe in him, He will bless us with salvation, heaven, and eternal life.  And that HE IS ENOUGH!

I don’t think there is anything wrong with dreaming, but in the midst of when these “things” seem SO wonderful, ask yourself…is God enough for me?

peace, love, and just enough



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