Adopting Baby BOY Brawner!!!

Sorry for two posts in one day! This was way to EXCITING that I could not wait until tomorrow to share this with you!!!!


This is from my sweet and precious cousins…


We all have a dream that we anticipate and hope for.  Yet in this world, we are unprepared when our plans change or God leads us in a different direction.  Losing Piper, our second born, has tendered our hearts and given us a passion for LIFE and BREATH…for reaching out to those in need and pouring LOVE over them.

That has led us on our journey to adopting, domestically, Adia & Piper’s baby brother!  God has moved quickly on this journey and we can tell He has HUGE plans for HOPE and a FUTURE for a precious child to be added to our family.

As we move through the steps of adoption, we eagerly await a birth-mommy that will “match” to our family.  We are praying for this mommy, that she will have the STRENGTH to choose life, the PEACE as she see’s our family, and the POWER in Him to follow through on adopting their precious baby, knowing their child will become ours and will be loved so much and led in the hope of Jesus Christ.

This path takes a lot of monetary funds that are FULL and WELL worth it!  We will be able to provide HOPE and a FUTURE to a precious newborn that would otherwise begin life in the arms of panic and despair.

Please pray with us!  Pray for our precious child, for his birth-mommy, and for us as we welcome him into our home!

“‘For I know the plans I have for you,’ declares the Lord, ‘plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.'”  Jeremiah 29:11


My cousin, Julie, is also the author of “When God Called Piper Home”.

Here is a glimpse of their story!

But as the seasons of life changed, God chose to visit their family in an unexpected way. He dramatically impacted their family and their world when they lost their daughter, Piper Kay, just days before her due date. From the unrelenting touch of God’s hand on her heart, Julie began to write.

Journey through the story of loss and watch as the hope of Christ Jesus unveils before you. Wrestle in the valleys and climb to the mountaintops with the Brawner family as you allow Piper Kay to leave a mark on your heart unlike any other. Join them—and experience the immeasurable depths of love that shines from the face of the Savior.

peace, love, and God reveals himself in amazing ways



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