healthy mind and body

One of the keys to fitness is having motivation.

What motivates you?

Thankfully I have a friend named Natalie who is a workout guru 🙂  She loves to workout and eat healthy! It’s always encouraging hanging out with those kind of people. Last night she kicked my butt. We did 15 min on the stair climber and almost an hour workout on arms.  I don’t know about you guys, but while I am at the gym there are more times that I would rather “people watch” than actually work out. On the way to the gym I kept trying to coax Natalie into going to HH or eating dinner instead 🙂 Thankfully it didn’t work!


Right now my motivation is Natalie. Thank you Natalie for not letting me sit on my couch and eat ice cream 🙂

What healthy means to me!

My favorite is laugh lots 🙂

peace, love, and laugh



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