Save vs. Splurge

There is no doubt having a tan makes you feel thinner, prettier and healthier.  Although, we are in the month of December, that does not mean that we need to skip out on that beautiful glowing skin. I am NOT talking about looking like Snooki!


What I am looking for is more of just a healthy looking glow. More like this. Meet Sienna Miller.

sienna miller

Haley’s Tip: Pair a healthy glow with a Red  lip for a striking look.  Be sure to choose a matte shade that won’t compete with shimmery bronzer.

Now if you are feeling very washed out during these cold winter months….these might be just the products for you. Of course I wanted to give you the option to choose either to Splurge or Save.


st. tropez

* click on picture to take you to website


quick tan

* click on picture to take you to website

Here are a few tips when self tanning:

Face: First, prep skin by gently cleansing and exfoliating. Skip moisturizer, which may interfere with the tanner.  I like to put the St. Tropez onto the glove (that you are able to buy with the tanner) or onto a make-up sponge. Then I apply it evenly over my face. For the Quick Tan. I will shake it well, then spray my face a couple of times. then again take a make-up sponge to make sure it is even.

Body: Apply tanner starting with your legs. Apply over the shin and calf of a leg, sweeping tanner down over your ankle, foot and toes. Then apply tanner to your thigh from front to back, using the excess to cover your knee. Repeat on your other leg. For the final step, apply tanner to your hips, stomach and torso, following with your shoulders and arms. Wait 10 minutes to dry before dressing and avoid any excessive activity that will make you sweat for at least a few hours. If your tan hasn’t set, sweat could cause streaking.

Bonus tips: To remove tanner from palms, without washing off product from the tops of your hands, rub palms along a wet washcloth, making sure to get in between fingers.

So you messed up, uh-oh! If you end up with a streaky tan, you can fix with an astringent toner or even toothpaste. Exfoliate to even out a patchy spots. Not dark enough? Repeat the process. Just make sure you gave the tan enough time to develop.

Let me know which one you guys chose! I will post a picture tomorrow and you guys will need to guess if I went with the Splurge OR Save 🙂

peace, love, spray tan



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