Save vs. Splurge

As you might have already noticed that I like LOVE blush! If I was stuck on an island and told that I could only have one item from my makeup bag…. it would TOTALLY be blush! I have been in love with Bobbi Brown’s Blush for quite sometime now. One of my favorite colors is Pale Pink.

Bobbi Brown- Pale pink

Obviously you would buy this color if you were wanting to Splurge. I think this color is BEAUTIFUL on every single skin tone. It always looks fabulous!

Now for the Save. I found this alternative completely by accident.  I am being completely honest when I say that these two colors are almost the exact same. Let me introduce you to ELF Blush. This blush not only has the same pigment as Bobbi Brown….it is ONLY $3.00. I feel like I need to repeat myself and say that it’s ONLY $3.00!!!!!! Go to your nearest Target store to pick up Pink Passion by ELF. It is a wonderful blush! You could also add their Blush Brush for another $3.00 if you are feeling crazy!

elf pink passion

If pale pink is not in your budget… this blush is the way to go!

Tell me what you guys think! I Hope you will  fall in love with either product!



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