Bow Ties & Bakers Twine

How cute is this? Here is a little Christmas DIY. All you need is Bow Tie Pasta, Metallic Silver Spray Paint, Silver and Red glitter, and Bakers Twine.


1. Put the Bow Tie Pasta on either on a flat cardboard box or newspaper. Make sure that they are evenly spread out.

2. Spray paint one side and let them dry, then add a little glitter. Now flip the pasta over and do the same thing on the other side.

3. Then you will take the twine from the beginning and tie a knot around the middle of each piece of pasta.


4. Repeat the process until you have the desired length.

5. Use these cute strings to decorate your Christmas tree, Garland, or any other random places around the house!

Hope you guys enjoy!!!! Let me know how it turns out!



2 thoughts on “Bow Ties & Bakers Twine

  1. It’s CHEAP and easy!!!!! You have to try it and string it around your house to add something different and cute to your house!

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